A Trillion Lights, Tome II

by The Chronicles Of Israfel

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9 Yrs after the debut "Starborn, Tome I" Dominic and co. are proud to release "A Trillion Lights, Tome II" - Thanks for supporting us through the last 10 years. Please spread this link to your friends! Enjoy!


released October 15, 2016

- Produced by Chad Shlosser & Dominic Cifarelli

- Recorded by Chad Shlosser

- Drums Recorded by Paul Pivetta

- Vocals Produced & Recorded by Bekki Friesen, Hollywood, CA.
*Except Vocals on "Hatred In My Heart" Produced & Recorded by Chad Shlosser.

- Rico's Vocals, Gang Screams on "Violet Empress", Andrew's Vocals & Keyboard/Piano Parts
+ Dom's additional Voclas & Guitar Solo in "In Ruins" Recorded by Joe Pacheco, Laval, QC.

- Jason Rockman's Gang Vocals on "Violet Empress" Recorded by Kevin Jardine, Montreal, QC.

- "Greet The Sun" Mixed by Jeff Feldman a.k.a Alone Architect, North Hollywood, CA.

- Keyboards on "A Trillion Lights" Recorded by Fabrizio Prioriello, Montreal, QC.

- Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 Mixed by Chad Shlosser, Marina del Rey, CA.
- Tracks 4 & 7 Mixed by Paul Pivetta, Montreal, QC.
- Track 10 Mixed by Jeff Feldman, North Hollywood, CA.
- Mastered by Phil Greiss, Paris, FR.

Israfel Cover artwork by Brad Whitlam
The Chronicles Of Israfel Logo & Starry Sky Dessert artwork on trapsheet backside by Kayo Yasuda
Design Layout by Gianni Berretta

Special Thanks to my endorsers:
Andrew Cherna @ Diffusion Audio/Sandberg Basses/Two Notes Audio Engineering. Guillaume Pille @ Two Notes Audio Engineering.
Rich Hannon, Winn Krozack, James Zimmers, Bev Fowler & Paul Reed Smith @ PRS Guitars.
Simon Godin, Fred DiSanto, Mario Biferali, Pat Cristiano & Everyone @ Godin Guitars.
Josh Vittek @ Dean Markley Strings. Anna Martin, Steve Blucher @ DiMarzio.
Robert Smith & Everyone @ Source Audio Pedals. Aimish Wallace @ Diamond Pedals.

Dominic Proudly & Exclusively Uses:
Paul Reed Smith 6 & 7-String Electric Guitars. Godin Hollowbody & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolins & MultiOuds. Sandberg Basses.
DiMarzio Pickups, Cables & Straps. Dean Markley Strings. Two Notes Audio Engineering Digital Load Boxes. Source Audio Pedals & Diamond Pedals.


all rights reserved



The Chronicles Of Israfel Montreal, Québec

“Occasionally a unique talent appears on the radar, causing you to really sit up and take notice…This is as much accessible, yet compellingly complex and thrilling 8/10″ – Metal Hammer UK (2007 Starborn, Tome I)

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Track Name: Goddamned

I woke up in this hallowed grave
It's so hard to breathe
It's so hard to feel in this dimension unknown
I faught with vengeance
I bled allegiance to him
But time revealed the ultimate betrayal

Now he's callin' out to me
He's callin' out to you
I won't believe 'til I see the fuckin' truth
I lived in vein and I owe it to a gift from your God
I see right through it

I've been goddamned

I woke up dead with shattered bones
Disgarded like a drone
I don't believe that I was left here to die

You wear your crown of thorns
You wear it so well
I pray for broken souls
To take me straight to fuckin' hell
Track Name: I Remember
I Remember

I've had enough of this weakness
These made up diseases
I've had enough of this compromise
It's all so meaningless to me
It's my body it's my mind
I don't need you to question why
I desecrate my existence

Let it go please let me go

I remember it well a night so cold
You turned your head to hide your eyes
I'll never concede that I need you
Now I'm free to have a reason to beg for your demise

I Remember

I sunk you like a stone on the other side
A river filled with pain will rot your mind
A shallow grave unsound I'll leave you to die

Never mistake my silence for weakness
I will never break
I'll bring you to your knees again
Track Name: Nightmare

I am your headtrip nightmare
I'm gonna eat you on the inside so I can feel alive
I am your head trip nightmare

You are an illness and you're not right
You never cared enough to deny
It isn't fair to assume that the pain is enough to persuade and fill me with fear
You can't survive on hope on your own
The need to feed this urge carries on
Now you're the odd one out
Not the left not the right not the end nor the center

You fabricate your world
Create your belief
What right do you have the right to deny the con
I'll realign my words to show you you're wrong
So carry on now fascinate yourself with your reflection
One last time
Track Name: Spirit Carousel
Spirit Carousel

You waited for the night to take you home
You waited for the night to take you
I've been left in the cold
With nowhere to go
I've been left all alone
With no one to turn to and nowhere to hide

I had lost all faith in myself
I had lost the courage to take a ride on a spirit carousel

You waited all this time for answers
You wasted all this time to change
Track Name: Life I Know
Life I Know

This is the life I know
But I can't seem to relate
In the end I try to laugh it off
And hope it all goes away

This hatred berates
Hatred berates my life

I sail from the mind
To the outside world
I weave through time and space
To go where I want to go alone
I want to lose all touch
With this reality

Time to play on your emotions

Sometimes I hate everything I see
But I know this life just can't last forever

It's so damned nice to know
That I can't leave willingly
A life I never chose to lead
A life I never chose to be

Bleeding in your head relieving conscious needing
Suffocate the beating heart deceiving nauseous seething
Heaving yearning nothing but to seek relief in taken life

Time to play on your emotions
When all you have has gone away

It just can't last

Lyrics by Dominic Cifarelli
Additional Lyrics by Andrew Wieczorek
Track Name: In Ruins
In Ruins

Welcome my dear old friend
I've been waiting so long to see you again
I see that you've lost all sense of trust and harmony within
Now what if I were to say
You always let the filthy worms in
You let them play and lay seeds of waste in your mind

Now you're left in ruins
By a liar by a thief
In your home you're left here wastin'
Like a lion with no teeth and no throne

There's no way to get out of here
They'll wait for the light to burn out in you
The they'll be waiting watching your every move
What to do?
Blame it on your absent saviour
There's no way to get away from them
They'll watch and they'll wait so patiently
Then you'll regret the trust that you gave so easily
Blame it on your absent saviour

There must be a way out of here
Don't wait for the light to burn out

Lyrics by Dominic Cifarelli
Track Name: Hatred In My Heart
Hatred In My Heart

I am catastrophe personified
I know because I help create the fight
Confused by what's a dream and waking life
I am the only me I'll never know

I know the tragedy I need to feel
Alive and so ill
Here lies a part of me that never heals
Now I'm the only me I'll never show

I wasted every little thing I lived for
I choked when everything I love derailed
Now I know all I ever really wanted
Was to lose this hatred in my heart

I know the atrophy of my belief has taken hold
Over and over
I feel anxiety will never leave me time to breathe
Not 'til it's over
I know it's my fault

Lyrics by Dominic Cifarelli
Track Name: Violet Empress (Last Love)
Violet Empress (Last Love)

I saw too much and I wish that I was told
A beast was born with an endless scorn
The way she moves she's got that hauntin' stride
She'll stop your heart so she could watch you die

It was her eyes
All I ever wanted
It was a lie
That destroyed a promise
These were the last words
She said to me

I'll kill your fuckin' heart
I'm gonna bleed it 'til the last drop
I'll cut your tongue to end your last words
I promise
I'll be the last love you ever know

You're bleeding under cover
Rest your mind

I saw too much and I wish that I was told
You just can't ignore the pain the memories hold
I carved it on my bones so I'd never forget
This goddamned mess she left inside my head

You know it's not right
The way that she deceives
It's not right another day with no relief
So I pray for violence

What controls your life?

Lyrics by Dominic Cifarelli
Additional Lyrics by Andrew Wieczorek
Track Name: Greet The Sun
Greet The Sun

I have followed you
Tracing your steps to this ancient mine
A belief the son will slay the sun when it's all right
I've seen your potential lay waste all essential

Take flight and on your way
Open sail and see the wars you wage
You knocked the pillars of the craft disdain
Rolling and burning from the impact on your way
On your way to greet the sun lay waste

And when the light stops flickering
And a cool wind's blowing
We turn around
You turn around
To see your demise
With leaden eyes

Lyrics by Rico Antonucci
Track Name: A Trillion Lights
A Trillion Lights

Running around the sphere of fabricated fear
The walls that were up for so long have finally come down
The tail eaten by the snake
The order is out of sync
So prepare the route the onus is always on us and our loved ones

Are we are setting the course right?
To a new world in one of the trillion lights
Israfel please grant us hope
We are innocent souls
We've got a long way to go
We've got so far to go

Now displaced from the land we'll climb the tallest tree
Terrestrial roots take hold with universal consent
Where the starborn child was raised and the rivers flowed with blood
Are now memories
Distant divide but still morbid realities

Israfel please grant us the hope
We are innocent souls
We've got a long way to go
We've got so far to go
We are the innocent souls forced to leave our homes

With new life born abroad the cycle of war has been stopped
For the future now seems so bright instincts were so right
Where the starborn child was raised and the rivers flowed with blood are now memories
Distant divide but still morbid realities

The reign is restrained
Formed from fire
And in the limelight we ran about freely
And on the world stage we ran about freely

Lyrics by Rico Antonucci

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